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Xerox ColorQube 9302/PXF Tabloid-size Solid Ink Color Multifunction Printer - Brand New
Brand New Xerox®ColorQube™9302/PXF Tabloid-size Solid Ink Color Multifunction Printer

Our Price: $28,941.00

Product Code: X-CQ9302PXF

497K06240 - 2 Line Fax Kit W/Lan Fax [Add $1,399.00]

097S03653 - Tray 5 - High Capacity Feeder - 4000 Sheets Size 8.5 X 11 in / A4

Staple Refills:
008R12898 - Staple Refills (3 Pack) 15,000 [Add $129.59]

Upgrades and Accessories:
498K17546 - Smart Cart Kit (CAC) - Common Access Card [Add $199.00]

Description Technical Specs
Tabloid-size Solid Ink Color Multifunction Printer - Brand New

Every successful business needs to reduce costs where it can while still providing the tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Ideally, the technology you choose helps you promote your company while offering a significant return on your investment. But you need more than a technology vendor. You need a partner who helps you find new ways to get more work done in less time – whether in the office or working remotely. You need a complete solution that helps you solve problems, delivering efficiencies you never imagined. It’s about helping your work stand out from the crowd with low-cost color printing that enhances your sustainability efforts. The Xerox®ColorQube™9302/9303 Color Multifunction Printer enabled by the Xerox®ConnectKey®Technology. Problems solved.

ColorQube 9300 series multifunction systems are enabled by the Xerox® ConnectKey® Controller. These simple-to-implement systems give you real, practical solutions that easily streamline how you communicate, process and share important information, simplify complex paper-driven tasks, and drive down costs while keeping your data secure. For more information, go to www.xerox.com/connectkey.

Attention-grabbing color, for less

To succeed, your work must impress. That’s why color printing is a must – so your business is clearly superior not only in the minds of your existing customers, but those you hope to secure. Enable your business to work more effectively, while printing impressive color documents with amazing cost savings.

Color That Counts
The ColorQube™ 9300 series helps your office documents get noticed with vibrant, glossy colors.
• Pick your paper. With Solid Ink, there’s no sacrificing print quality when you choose inexpensive office paper or recycled media.
• Flexible print speeds. Choose the perfect combination of speed, savings, and image quality for any output – from drafts, to photographs, to marketing material.
• Make every document stand out. Unlike laser printers, Solid Ink’s printing process fills the gaps in your chosen media to create a new surface, while delivering a more consistent dot shape for superior print-quality uniformity and brilliant, saturated color.
• User permissions. Restrict access to print features by user, by group, by time of day, and by application. For example, allow color print jobs only during certain hours of the day, or emails always print in black-and-white.

A focus on sustainability
Reduce more than your color costs. With a wealth of features focused on energy and supplies conservation, the Xerox
®ColorQube™ 9300 series was designed to reduce your company’s environmental impact and boost your bottom line.
• Less waste, lower impact. Solid Ink sticks avoid the cartridge and the packaging, creating up to 90% less waste during use versus comparable laser devices. Plus, Solid Ink prints underwent an assessment according to the International Association of the Deinking Industry’s Method 11 and were certified with a test result of “good
deinkability,” which means Solid Ink prints can be recycled alongside other recyclable paper.
• Bio-derived ink. Xerox® Solid Ink has been certified to have 30% bio-derived renewable material content by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers.
• Environmental paper options. Solid Ink’s full coverage allows effective use of a wide variety of paper, including recycled.
• Ready when you are. Intelligent Ready technology learns your usage patterns so it is ready to print when you need it.
• Print responsibly. By default, our print driver is set to two-sided printing, and the Earth Smart feature allows you to select other default settings that encourage responsible usage, such as no printing banner pages.
• ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT qualified. The ColorQube 9300 series meets the stringent ENERGY STAR requirements for energy use, and the EPEAT comprehensive environmental rating system.
• Fewer consumables. The long-life Cleaning unit – with an average life of 330,000 prints – is the only replaceable component, and can be recycled through the Xerox Green World Alliance program. Visit www.xerox.com/gwa for more information.

Ease-of-use that’s truly easy
Your office, simplified. Experience unparalleled ease-of-use and convenience, while working faster with features and capabilities that simplify the way you complete daily office tasks.
• Remote monitoring and management. The Remote Control Panel feature lets you operate the Xerox® ColorQube™ 9300 series
device’s user interface from any office workstation as though you were standing at the device. Remotely train users and
configure device settings with the peace of mind that integrated security allows only a single authorized operation at a time to prevent multiple remote procedures.
• Single Touch Scanning. Use the Single Touch Scan feature to create a dedicated, easy-to-locate scan button directly on the color touch screen interface. Assign the Single Touch Scan button its own scanning workflow for fast document distribution and archiving.
• Helpful walk-up features. Embedded help videos and online support from the UI or driver provide quick troubleshooting
assistance right on the front panel.
• Walk-up convenience. Scan to and print from any standard USB memory device for easy portability.
• Optional Wi-Fi connectivity. Optional Wi-Fi connectivity lets administrators connect ColorQube 9300 series devices anywhere, without the need for network cabling.
• Reliable operations. A simple paper path and minimal moving parts keep the ColorQube 9300 series up and running in the most demanding environments. It can even diagnose potential problems and fix them proactively, reducing service calls.
• Easy, accurate billing. ColorQube 9300 series devices connect to the network to automatically submit meters reads and
automate supplies replenishment.
• Apple® AirPrint™. Print email, photos and important office documents directly from your Apple iPhone® or iPad® with no drivers to install.
• Mopria™ certified. Mopria certification simplifies the mobile printing experience for tablets and smartphones to many printing devices, including the ColorQube 9302/9303.

Comprehensive security for complete data protection
For the success of your business it’s critical that sensitive information stays protected. That’s why we deploy the most complete set of features, technologies, and solutions from security-industry leaders that minimize risk by protecting vulnerable access points and critical business information.
• Protect your confidential information. Safeguard all sensitive data with encrypted PDF files for scanning; complete hard drive encryption, compliant with the 256-bit AES FIPS 140-2 standard; and Hard Drive Image Overwrite with a 3-pass scrub process to ensure total deletion of all data fragments.
• Prevent unauthorized access. Permit only authorized users to access the device with Xerox user permissions, network
authentication, IP filtering, and smart card, role-based and function-level login.
• Manage threats proactively. As new threats emerge, Xerox proactively monitors security clearinghouses for new vulnerabilities and provides patches when necessary, ensuring your equipment stays current and your data is kept safe. Plus, you can receive up-to-the-minute updates via RSS feeds and stay informed via www.xerox.com/security. Stay compliant with regulations. Xerox® ColorQube™ 9300 series devices comply with the latest security standards across industries, including government, finance and healthcare. These include Common Criteria, HIPAA, Data Protection Act, COBIT and more. These devices can conform to any standard, with controls available to match your needs.
• Gain complete visibility. Prevent IP theft and ensure non-repudiation by having total visibility into the device and network. With security policy management and tracking of most activities on the device with Audit Log, you can know who accessed what, when and details of most interactions with the device.

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